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Friday, January 3, 2014

What’s go on with the exchanges? It was a question in November and it still is. One the website starts working to the extent people can sign up all the other problems begin surfacing. I have talked with several people today that have enrolled but have yet to get a bill to pay. They can’t prove their coverage should a health emergency occur. I hope I am wrong but I am expecting the problems are a long way from over.  Then there’s all those people with higher deductibles than they ever expected with modest incomes. Not only is the coverage expensive for them but they’ll receive few real benefits.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What’s really going on with the Exchanges?  I am now starting to get concerned that millions of Americans that are being canceled by their current plans, some as early as January 1, may not have access to The Exchange in time to replace their current coverage. Even worse, if the Exchanges fix their web problmes how are agents going to find enough time to provide the help they all those consumers are going to need? We are six weeks from the last date you can complete a Exchanged applicaton for a 1/1 effective date. YIKES!

Monday, November 4, 2013

I attended along with a good turnout of our producer the twice a year Ohio National sales meeting in Gleniew. Two new newest Ohio National Life plans were discussed in detail and compared to some of the toughest competition in the industry. . Take a look at the new marketing pieces. 

Friday November 1, 2013

I hate the current Illinois producer CE ethics requirement. Actually, it’s not the requirement I hate. It’s the bad use of my time. Three hours of classroom time is way too much for the majority of us that make every effort to conduct ourselves properly and thirty hours not enough for the few that will be tomorrow’s headlines.   Do you agree that the majority of us just try to complete this requirement as easily and cheaply as possible and end up returning to our business life pretty much unchanged? It’s not that some of the CE vendors don’t do a good job.  Many of them do a great job making the presentation as entertaining and informing as possilble... Wait, Wait,  Here’s an idea... if we need to take a 3 hour ethics course every couple years to be allowed to do our job how many hours should policians need? 30? 40? Let’s make it a job requirement for them like they made for us.